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Cynanchum acutum L.



Flora Europaea

the original Linnean specimen

perennial, Ch, lianna

xeric to mesoxeric steppe to forest-steppe species, not rarely found also as a ruderal.


Festucion vaginatae, Festucion valesiacae, Scabiosion argenteae, a ruderal in Artemisietea from along the sea shores

R34 habitats from Moldavia and Dobrudja, R16, R87 habitats from Dobrudja




A species of the warmer areas from the southern part of the country.

Pictures taken between 2 Mai and Vama Veche, Constanta county, August 2007

dr. Alexandru Badarau, alexandru@transsilvanica.com


Pictures taken from Histria ancient Greek citadel, Constanta county, on 8th of August 2006

dr. Alexandru Badarau, alexandru@transsilvanica.com
























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