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Salvia transsylvanica (Schur ex Griseb.) Schur



Flora Europaea

perennial, H

xeric to mesoxeric, forest-steppe species

Dacian endemic

Festucion valesiacae

R34 habitats




This species is quite frequent (insullary missing) in the drier central and southern part of the Transylvanian Basin and outside this region it is locally reported from the Getic and Curvature Subcarpathians. Despite this species is clearly very closely related to Salvia pratensis and their populations get in touch frequently no hybrids are reported yet even by the authors who had a passion from describing them legitimally or not.

Bontida-Visea on Sarata Hill, Cluj county, August 2004. Low resolution images.

dr. Alexandru Badarau, alexandru@transsilvanica.com

Bagau-Lopadea Noua, Alba county, 29th of May 2006

dr. Alexandru Badarau, alexandru@transsilvanica.com

Bontida-Visea on Sarata hill, Cluj county, 31st of July 2005





















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