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Senecio subalpinus W.D.J.Koch



Flora Europaea

perennial, H, 2n=40, tetraploid

mesic, subalpine, descending rarely in the upper boreal, usually calciphile


Mulgedio-Aconietea, Calthion, Rumicion alpini, Chrysanthemo-Piceion, Junipero-Bruckenthalion

R3701-3702, R4209, R3107-3110




A very beautiful and typical but sporadically encountered (probably due to its calciphile character) subalpine species. Seemingly the plant is commonly encountered only in Merdional Carpathians and very rare in the Orientals.

Ciucas Mountains, Prahova county, 22nd of August 2006

dr. Alexandru Badarau, alexandru@transsilvanica.com


Fagaras Mountains, Sibiu county, August 2010.

Cristian Malos, PhD student, crism2807@yahoo.com




















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